Synturo Brilliant




  • Description : fully synthetic, long life, fuel economy engine oil for VW/Audi engines subjected to extended maintenance interval operation, according to "VW Norm 503.00/506.00"

  • Application : In VW/Audi engines, both diesel and gasoline, of the latest (year 2000) generation, designed to operate under VW/Audi extended maintenance interval conditions, in Germany known as "WIV-System". (=Wartungsintervallverlängerung-System). Excepted are AudiS3 and Audi TT(225HP).

  • Specifications :
    - ACEA A1 / B1
    - Formal approval VW 503.00 /506.00 (05.99) expected soon.

  • Properties :
    - longest possible oil drain intervals for certain VW/Audi engines.
    - ideal lubrication during whole maintenance interval
    - latest state of the art low friction additive technology for optimum energy/emission efficiency and improved environmental protection .
    - low high temp. high shear visc. for even more extreme fuel economy
    - excellent flow characteristics at very low temperatures for improved cold start capacity.
    - high thermal stability and low volatility.

Sunoco's approved engine oil for Y2K VW-AUDI model vehicles with "WIV-system" !!!

(for technical reasons, this oil is not to be recommended for VW/Audi vehicles that have no WIV-system!)

Changes following technical developments and/or for manufacturing process related reasons are possible.

Typical analyses :

density/15°C appr .850
visc. at 40°C 54 cSt
visc. at 100°C 9,6 cSt
visc. index 160
CCS visc/-30°C 3200cP
pour point -45°C
flash point COC 212°C
TBN 9,4 mg KOH/g
colour(ASTM) 3
HTHS-visc 3 cP
volatility Noack/150°C 12 %

P.I. 35-K / 00-E